Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fuck Me While I Eat Raw Oysters and Watch Oprah - 39

You wonder what Albanic state employees are doing with your hard-earned tax dollars?

Cruising Craigslist!!

The following came to me from some guy who works at the NYS DMV. He doesn't really know what his job is, so for the past five years he's on Craigslist, and sends us the best that he finds.

This is so not vegan.

Here goes (or, you can click on the link if you want)

39, 4'11", 190, thinning black hair, gray eyes, bushy Hitler mustache, hairy back but smooth everywhere else, 4" cut. Often told I loook like a sexier Danny DeVito.

Looking for a guy to come over and fuck me while I eat steak tartare and raw oysters. I will also have reruns of "The Oprah Winfrey Show" playing.

I can host in my 6-room studio on 38th and Bleecker. Please - no weirdos, drug addicts or Mormons.


aaron said...

i think i am going to vomit.

Anonymous said...

No Aaron NO! Think... pink chiffon and sparkles!

Anonymous said...

"Steak tartare and oysters..." maybe that should be the theme for Trixie's kitchen.

And "Oprah" can be the theme for Trixie's bedroom.