Monday, January 28, 2008

These are not mine

The following was sent to me from Edith, our gal with a camera phone, from the streets of Hudson:

So last sunday, Truxie and Edith were walking by the park and found a pair of red lace DKNY panties hanging out on the street. good thing that this is hudson, or i might have thought it was weird.

side note: Trixie you need to talk about the thank you/you're welcome waitress at the diner. she is so nice and happy and friendly. she really puts you in a good mood. granted trixie could not eat anything because the lipton tea is made with chicken stock, but she deserves a spot in gay hudson.

Trixie on veganism in Hudson:
I consider the sweet potato pancakes at the diner to be vegan-ish. The Columbia Street diner does serve vegeburgers....

The best restaurant for vegans in Hudson is Babba Louie's. DA|BA will kill just about any living thing and put it on a plate for you. Look at their menu! Elk. Who eats a fucking elk? That's just pretentious. They still serve foie gras, which (with veal) is probably the most torturous of any food.

Next you'll find Moose and Squirrel on the menu!

Give me until spring, if the foie gras is still there, I'm calling PETA. If most sane, rational people saw how the animals were treated, they wouldn't eat meat. I even heard Rachel Ray (in her infinite wisdom) on TV this weekend say, when catching lobster in the water, "That's why I buy my food in the grocery store, otherwise, I'd be a vegetarian."

We're done with Ms. Ray, right?

Eat more dick, ass, and pussy! Just leave the animals alone!

And I don't want to hear,

"But the foie gras was raised here in the Hudson Valley, we have to support it."


How about this,

"These lampshades were made from the skin of dead children, but they were made here in the Hudson Valley, we have to support it."

Is this what the Hudson Valley economy has come to?



Tippy said...

RatS! YUm.

YES, miSS trixie, THAT iS WhaT thE huDSON VAllEY EConoMy hAs come to. tacONIC farmS is COlumbIA COuNty'S sECond-LARgEst EmploYEr.

Taconic Farms is no petting zoo. The company provides research rodents and related products and services to research facilities and medical laboratories in Asia, Europe, and North America. Taconic's rats and mice are not eek!-producing pests: They've been specially bred to be disease-free or genetically modified to exhibit certain traits to help researchers develop new therapies for human disease. Other divisions within the company offer monoclonal antibody production, and drug- and animal-safety testing. The company is collaborating with Lexicon Genetics to market, distribute, and license certain knockout (genetically engineered) mice. Family-owned Taconic, headquartered in Germantown, was founded in 1952.

YES, i dO WoRk FOr ThEM. i'M A frEELAncE TASTE testeR.

Rose Marie said...

I know I've said it before, but this website needs a recipe section.

Chicken Fried Squirrel

You'll need:
~ quartered and cleaned squirrels, 1 per person
~ buttermilk
~ OldBay seasoning
~ flour
~ salt & pepper
~ shortening

Soak your meat for at least an hour in buttermilk.

Combine the flour & OldBay until you can see the flour turn light pink. Sprinkle in some salt and pepper to taste.

Heat up your shortening to 375 degrees in a iron skillet or deep fryer deep enough to cover the meat.

Roll or shake your meat in the flour mix and fry until the coating is golden brown.

Take it out and place it on a rack to drain. Place it in your oven for about 1/2 hour at 275 degrees.

Serve and Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

How about a recipe for Chicken Fried Rachel Ray?

Rose Marie said...

If that last recipe left an odd taste in your mouth try this one to wash it down:

Easy Chocolate Moose

Whip 1 pint Price Chopper heavy whipping cream to medium stiff peaks
Stir in 1 pint jar of Kraft double fudge ice cream topping and 2 teaspoons Swiss Miss instant cocoa
Stir in 1 TBSP Bacardi rum or Kahlua liqueur; finish bottle
Put in dessert glasses
Refrigerate until serving
Garnish with Reddi-Whip whipped topping and a White Rose brand maraschino cherry

6 delicious easy servings!

Anonymous said...

The discarded red panty picture is great. Maybe the Hudson Chamber of Commerce can use the picture.

Anonymous said...

Those lampshades LOOK like they were made from the skin of dead children...

Anonymous said...

I heard that at the new Widewaters Mall they are planning a drive-through foie-gras superstore.

Anonymous said...

"DA|BA will kill just about any living thing and put it on a plate for you."

Well will they kill that overzealous Warren Street metermaid for us?

Anonymous said...

The Hudson Valley is rapidly becoming part of the New York City greater metropolitan region, so you can only expect an increase in the number in foie gras scarfing foodies. If I was a duck, I'd move.

Anonymous said...

How about a recipe for Chicken Fried Rose Marie???

Anonymous said...

How about a recipe for Trixie on a double-headed dildo?

Rose Marie said...

I'm with you on the "YUM" part here Tippy. Here's another sweet recipe.

Chocolate Mice


1 jar White Rose brand maraschino cherries with stems, drained and dried
1 cup Smirnoff Vodka
6 ounces Hershey's semisweet chocolate
1/2 tsp ShopRite Happy Cow brand butter
1 ounce Gulf Wax canning paraffin, chopped
1/2 cup Ghirardelli chocolate chips
1/2 cup Squirrel brand sliced almonds
1 tube Wilton clear red gel icing


Before starting, you may wish to call Todd Pest Control in Germantown because it can be a problem when you can't tell between the mice you just made and the ones running around your basement.

Line a cookie sheet with Reynolds Cut-Rite wax paper.

Soak the maraschino cherries in vodka overnight, then drain the vodka thoroughly in your glass for a treat later. Let the cherries dry on paper towels, turning often. The cherries must be completely dry or the chocolate will grab on the cherries and get crumbly.

Gently melt chocolate, butter, and paraffin in a double boiler until smooth, stirring often to prevent burning. Once melted, turn off heat, but leave in the double-boiler pan on the burner.

Dip dry cherries in melted chocolate to completely cover up to the stem. The stem forms the tail of the mouse. Place on lined cookie sheet. Immediately press on a chocolate chip, flat side to the front of the dipped cherry, to form the head.

While chocolate is still warm, wedge two sliced almonds between chocolate chip and cherry to form mouse ears. Let cool.

Use a toothpick to dab beady red mouse eyes on either side of the chocolate chip with the red gel icing.

Refrigerate in your Frigidaire to firmly set chocolate.

Yields about 36 chocolate-covered mice.

Fun to create and kids love them! They make an adorable presentation for parties and of course Saint Mary's Trash 'n' Treasure Sale desserts table. These candy mice are almost too cute to eat, and come with both Tippy's and Todd's Pest Control's Seals of Approval!

Anonymous said...

Coincidence or not:

Both Taconic Farms and Todd's Pest Control are based in Germantown.

Maybe there is some sort of Mouse Underground Railroad there, where they are all trying to escape the 12526?

Born free, as free as the wind blows,
as free as the grass grows,
Born free to follow your heart.

Live free and beauty surrounds you,
the world still astounds you,
Each time you look at the stars.

Stay free where no walls divide you,
you're free as the roaring tide,
So there's no need to hide.

Born free and life is worth living,
but only worth livng,
Cause you're born free.

Agnes said...

La la born free la la la la

That Andy Williams sure knew how to put out a song didnt he!

Anonymous said...

You don't eat meat Trixie?

What do you call that tossed salad you had last night?

Rose Marie said...

By the way, all three of these recipes are vegetarian - Chicken Fried Squirrel, Easy Chocolate Moose, and Chocolate Mice - that is, if you don't swallow!!!

Trixie said...

If Trixie swallows, then it's LOVE.

The Greek salad had no meat, just some feta cheese....not quite vegan.

I don't like stuffed grape leaves in my tossed Greek salad.

'nuff said.