Wednesday, January 30, 2008

'Valentine's' Day Party in Hudson!

Do you NOT know about this party?

Trixie's Whorehouse - the first party will be on February 15th.

DJ Gio and I are setting it up. GoGo dancers (male and female), great music, porn give-aways.

It's going to be THE thing to do in the town that night (which, granted, may not be saying much, but still....)

The idea is to

Bring the Whores Back to Hudson!

Prostitution is the history of this town. Call a spade a spade.

Hudson was once rollicking. People had fun. People got laid.

People made money.

Hello! Just keep the sailor boys happy!

There used to be more semen in this town!
(I know how I spelled it!)

Anyway, people are asking,

"But I'm heterosexual....will I feel welcomed?"

Honey, please....Just pay the $5 at the door, and we'll welcome you, OK?

It's going to be a Valentine's Day party.

Agnes will be there, too.


Agnes said...

Well! Who YOU calling a spade?

Wowee Hudson is rollicking. People have fun. People get laid. Maybe you need some new sweet smelling cologne for your party Trixie. And wash out those pantys.

A panty party! Yeah! With a romantical theme about Hudsons oldest profession after antique dealing. But ya could have found a more flattering shot of me to run.

Gotta get me a costume maybe Ill come as Anna Christie. Gotta check the dumpsters on Diamond Street.

Anonymous said...

How come the invitation doesn't mention trannie hookers?

Anonymous said...

"GoGo dancers (male and female)"

OK, I'm imagining a REALLY hot pre-op...

Anonymous said...

Cupid draw back your bow
And let your arrow go
Straight to that candy box for me

Anonymous said...

I think you should do a "bring back the whores" petition at the party for the new Hudson administration...

Anonymous said...

"Anyway, people are asking,
'But I'm heterosexual....will I feel welcomed?'"

Yeah, like hets really ask that.

So this reminds me of a joke.

A dick says to his balls, "Get ready, I'm going to take you to a party."

The balls say, "You fucking liar. You always go inside and leave me outside knocking!"

Anonymous said...

Agnes, don't dress up, don't get a costume, the outfit you're wearing is fine...

Anonymous said...

OK, Agnes will be there. What about Rose Marie? Muffy? Big Momma? Tippy?

Anonymous said...

Does Tippy have NYS photo ID to get in?

Anonymous said...

How do you get into the party? The back door? Or the front?

Anonymous said...

Enough about politics. WHATEVER. Let's get back to talking about go-go boys on February 15th.

Anonymous said...

NO Trixie, NO... I won't be in town for your first whore house party. I just got new silicone based lube and my ass is in need of a good work out.

Rose Marie said...

"Bring the Whores Back to Hudson!"

Excuse me Miss Trixie, but if you spent a little more time in line for confession at Saint Mary's and overheard other people's sins very, very carefully, you'd know that the whores NEVER left Hudson.

Hi, Agnes! Just between us girls, giving a blowjob to Dino Fontana in the backseat of a Thunderbird on Rope Alley is only a venial sin - in fact, you might get to count it up on judgement day as an act of mercy.