Friday, February 29, 2008

49 Cents


Most of this blog, I make up shit.

My real life is way too boring, no one would read.

But, sometimes, real life is too good, and even I couldn't make it up.

Like, this story, totally TRUE.

I get a notice in the mail, I owe the City of Hudson tax money, a couple of hundred dollars. It's a slip of paper, with the amount hand-written.

I owe X dollars and Y cents.

When I was writing the check out, I didn't have the hand-written slip of paper in front of me. I remembered the dollar amount, but didn't remember the cents.

I just rounded up and paid the next full dollar amount.


The check is cashed a week or so later...all is good.

About another week goes by, and I get a letter in the mail, from the City of Hudson Treasurer's office. It's a little heavy.

I open it up, and there's a little envelope with FORTY-NINE CENTS CHANGE in it; a quarter, two dimes, and four pennies.

It's not a credit to my account, not a check, but the actual change.

Totally true.

Now, I'm thinking.....can people in town PAY their taxes in cash? Why not?


Anonymous said...

Don't spend it all in one place!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Tippy can invest it for you - think about your long-term financial security in Hudson, OK?

Agnes said...

That Fitty Cent... he sure knows how to put a girl in the mood...

It ain't easy to make money
So now everybody wanna take money
You ain't a thug, matter fact you a fake money
Fuck wit mines, I'ma view you at ya weight money

Big Momma said...

Aggie - remember back in the day when you thought 50 cent was to much and quickly gave them their change...

Agnes said...

Momma you know I cant recollect as much as you do!

Anonymous said...

Enquiring minds want to know - how much was the postage to mail you forty-nine cents in change?!

Mary Hartman said...

I think you should sent that money back to city hall and tell them to do something about that waxy yellow build-up on the floor in there.

Anonymous said...

I think you should donate the money back to the Hudson Flag Day celebration.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! they could buy 49 cents of penny candy to pelt the inbred children with