Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Big Momma gives some advice

Enough politics....Big Momma's advice column is back on-line!

BTW, today is one year of GayHudson.com!!! Thank you, everyone, for reading!

Who would've known?

Love you,

Dear Big Momma,

I love my man.

He's a good husband, a devoted father, and a wonderful lover.

There's just one SMALL problem, ya know what I mean?

Is there anything a gal can do?

Thank you.


Is it in, yet?

Dear Is it in, yet?

Be thankful you got a man that is paying the bills, most of us ladies of leisure aren’t so lucky.

If his shortage of manhood is the only issue, you are doing pretty well.

Here is what you gotta do girl, when he is in the mood you make him think he is all you need, want, and desire. Make him believe that his manhood is more than you can handle; hoot, holla and yell! Dig the acrylics that he is paying for deep into his back!

When he gets that look in his eye that the end is near, you arch you back and buck like you just had the biggest orgasm of your life.

Make him feel proud; make him feel loved and appreciated! Make his head so big that all he can think about is you.

Then send him off to work, while he is gone you bring in the real man, the one who can reach those places that a woman needs rubbed every now and then, the one that can bring you to climate with just one trust of his pulsing manhood.

Men are like dogs, they only know what you want them to. They are easily trained and they think with only one of the two heads they have -- I am sure you can figure out which one!

Best of luck with you little problem.

All my love,
Big Momma


What Would Joan Do?


Anonymous said...

I'm coming Elizabeth I'm coming!!!

Anonymous said...

Big Momma who did you cast your ballots for???

Anonymous said...

I am going with Hillary, actions speak louder than words and after all color is only skin deep. Don't fall into the race trap and vote by the tone of someone's skin, because when I cut your ass you blood is going to be red just like mine!
So just get out there and vote we need to get a democrate in the white house, the republicains have done enough damage already...

Big Momma

Anonymous said...

Hey Momma.

How was your Tuesday?

Was it super?

Anonymous said...

Joan Rivers endorses Spanx Shapewear.

Big Momma said...

Every day is super in my world baby, it is all in the frame of mind!

Anonymous said...

Ummm. Brown sugar. Yes.

North Fifth Street said...

Is it in yet?

I don't know, let me check to see if you're bleeding or not.

Anonymous said...


She'd send Melissa in to the gift suite, and have her stuff her bag till bursting.

Then it wouldn't really matter if she could tell if it was in or not now, would it?