Thursday, February 28, 2008


Im a little behind on my reading material. This New York Times article is dated March 16, 1914.

Tippy says to click on it if you cant read it.

I think that maybe some of my reading material should be donated to the history room at the Hudson Library. Instead of sitting in a box under a booth at the Columbia Diner.

Tippy can I get a tax deduction for donating this? $20 cash maybe? Or a pack of Kools?

So what this goes to show is that Joe Bruno and his present Republican administration in Albany have been looking after us faithfully for a long long time and plan to continue to do so. Though its not very nice that they call us feeble-minded.

I want to see if this Kirsten Gillibrand calls me feeble-minded on Saturday. And if there will be a bar there.


Rose Marie said...

I was reading that downstate paper this morning at Hair We Are, and it says that for the first time in the nation’s history, more than one in 100 American adults is behind bars, according to a new report. That's reassuring. So why can't we keep OUR prison open and filled?

Anonymous said...

Hey it says that the prison is meant to be filled with defectives and delinquents... couldn't they move city hall over there for free then???

Anonymous said...

Aggie, you're not feeble-minded, you're just forgetful, which is good, because if you had a memory past 1953 they've run you out of town a long time ago.

Agnes said...

I have NEVER been to the Women's Training Facility I swear!

Anonymous said...

Think Aggie... think hard.

Are you sure you never visited, not even for a short while, not even after they renamed it the Hudson Correctional Facility?