Thursday, February 7, 2008

Don't Forget Trixie's Whorehouse - Friday, Feb 15 & 22

Hi -

You know we're trying for a "gay-ish" night at Jason's on Friday.

Which will make it about as 'gay' as a Monday night at Vico.

It means some gay people and the people who don't run screaming from gay people.

Basically, anyone who's willing to pay a drag queen or gay boy cash at the door.

Feb 15th and 22nd
Jason's Upstairs Bar
521 Warren St
Hudson, NY 12534

The details and photos can be found here:

gogo dancers, good music, it'll be fun!

Bring the Whores Back to Hudson!


Anonymous said...

Don't forget what?

Oh the flyer lets you in to the party for $3. Let me make some copies. Wheres my Kinkos card? Tippy did you take my Kinkos card again? I know I had it out recently for something...

Big Momma said...

Trixie - are they going to have the glory holes and sling room open. That it the rumor down here in the tower anyway, my nephew Ja'reem can't wait. He has his knee pads out and his anal ease ready by the door!

Anonymous said...

bring the horse back to hudson.

looks likes she's been here at the trough all along.

Anonymous said...

Momma, Ja'reem don't need no Analeze, he can park an Escalade ESV in there as it is, and if he relaxes, probably have room for a Saturn Sky right next to it.

Big Momma said...

OH anonymouse, the analeze isn't for Ja'reem, it is for that circle of white bottoms here in Hudson that can't get enough of a big black cock. You really shouldn't start to throw stone, Momma would hate to air you dirty or should I shitty laundry.
Hugs and Kisses
Big Momma

Diego said...

Not fair for you guys to rub it in our faces the fun you will be having up there. You need to start running shuttle service from Manhattan to Hudson so we can take part in the fun too, Trixie.

Johnny said...

Hey Diego rub your face in this...

Carlos said...

Yeah Diego theres no "fair" anywhere here. While you're down there on your knees rub your tongue on this too.

jorge said...

While you're down there lick my cum off the floor.