Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hudson Democrats Fund Raiser

OK, folks, get involved. This event is a fund raiser, see flyer below, but you can just go

Congresswoman Kirsten Gillibrand
will join with theHudson City Democratic Committee
and many of our local and county-wide
Elected Democratic Officials
along with
Supporters, Volunteers, Party Faithful
at a benefit forHudson's Hometown Democratic Party
March 1 at 2pm
The Tin Ballroom
(upstairs at Vince Mulford Antiques)
417 Warren Street in Hudson.
rsvp here: hudsoncitydemocrats@gmail.com


Anonymous said...

Does anybody know what Kirsten Gillibrand has done?
I remember having a long conversation with her and her assistant, during a time when she was campaining, and they vehemently opposed gay marrige - fell back on the noncommital "let each state decide for themselves", and civil union b.s.

Trixie said...

No idea, but, now you can ask.

Actually, the office on Warren Street often says 'OPEN', most of the time during the week.

Just go in and ask them.

Anonymous said...

Trixie, are you going to go and give her hair and makeup advice? I mean, if she has presidential aspirations, really...

aaron said...

what do you think she would say if you ask her if that in the time of a recession bringing back the whore houses to hudson might help eliminate some of the tax burden on the citizens. if nys is considering more casinos, why not a red light district.

Anonymous said...

Why get involved? To pay off the debt incurred by a divided and fractious Dem committee that was unable to field a united party and that presided over a fractious and divided and not very competant campaign leaving us with Dirty Dick and a bunch of red neck homophobic republicans. When has any Democrat in Hudson ever said a word in support of gay rights --all gay rights not just mariage or even thought of the issue and when has KG done so.

Anonymous said...

You get "involved" to create a better future - not to sit around all day complaining about past problems.

Anonymous said...

How could Hudson have a successful Red Light district and actually make money?
We all give it away!

Trixie said...

Speak for yourself.

Trixie charges at the door.

Anonymous said...

A casino in Hudson is a good idea. Maybe they could use the empty part of the library. Or convert the St. Charles Hotel or Warren Inn or Columbia County Courthouse or some other underused building.

Anonymous said...

Damn! don't come between Trixie and a quarter!
You'd be like Barbara Stanwyck in 'Walk On The Wild Side'

Anonymous said...

The Common Council is solidly Democratic. We have our first openly gay Alderman (Chris Wagoner in the 3rd Ward) and last week Victor Mendolia who is openly gay was elected as Chair of the Hudson Democratic Committee. Things change but change takes time and money. All of the funds raised stay in Hudson. Get out and support Hudson Democrats.

Jo said...

How do you think he'll feel when he finds out what you've been... tell him about the mud you've rolled in for years!

Rose Marie said...

Openly gay democrats. Talk about redundancy!

Why don't you just call them what they are, newby vegetarian anti-war liberocrat tutu-wearing anti-cement bums.