Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hudson, Thank You Very Much!!

Hi --

The photos are on their way, and we hope to have them up by this weekend, but I wanted to say


for a great party last night!

Thank you for coming out, thank you for your support!

Thank you for all the kind words last night, from the "regulars" that I see around town, to the cute straight girls who loved by "hair".

Thank for to everyone who helped promote it and spread the word! Thank you to our dancers, our door person, Gio for the music, everyone who helped set up, my friends for their support, the staff at Jason's, and to Jason himself for helping out. (sounds like the fucking Oscars, huh?)

Anyway, I was really happy to see people on the dance floor, smiling.

(Every now and then, I wonder to myself, why do I do this? But, when you see people being happy, it's worthwhile.)

Gio and I are doing another party on this Friday, the 22nd, so hopefully we'll see you again!

Please check back on, for photos and future party info and schedule!

Life is short. Have fun.

Sing out, Louise!!


Anonymous said...

Screw Kennedy Fried Chicken. We vote Clown Fetish GoGo boy as Mayor of Hudson and President of the Free World.

Rose Marie said...

Unspeakably sordid activities. How many people fit in a schoolbus-accessible restroom.anyways?

Anonymous said...


Brothers and Sisters you all represented in the best way ever..with love and never really getting off the dance flooor all night long!
Trixie my partner in crime!
The dancers Homer..Holly & Brian ..
Shakin' where no one's shooken before(?)..lollll
and all the ones that ended up getting up there too.
Door extaordinaireeee!
GIORGIO (who turned it out..with Grace in everyone's face!)
Everyone from the whole crew at Jason's Upstairs Bar...Rosie,Jess..Andy..Pat and Billy and of course Jason BRO !
To my crew that came up from NYC..and down from Great Barrington..Albany..and across from Catskill..Tivoli...Athens ectttttttt!

To everyone that told a friend who told another friend..
to sharin' the love!

I look forward to PART DEUX!

Rose Marie said...

"Sharing the love."

Yes, there'll be a line at the family planning clinic Monday morning. I'll be there across Fairview with my "Free Strollers Over Here!" sign.

Anonymous said...

I didn't see Ethel Merman - was she working behind the bar?

Big Momma said...

Trixxie Starr - though I was out of town I recieved a call enquiring as to my where abouts. I had missed the most fabulous party Hudson has seen since the close of the Hudson River Theater. Not bad for an old gurl from the East Village not bad. Big Momma will certainly be present at this weeks party and I will be bring my nephew Ja'reem for those hungry bottom's we have running around Hudson.
Kiss - Kiss
Big Momma

Agnes said...

Hey Big Momma hurry back Babur over at Kennedy said his business was off 50% this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hey Big Momma you'd better stop mentioning Ja'reem's whereabouts because I heard his list of parole violations is now about as long as his big ebony schlong

Mama Rose said...

I had a dream, a dream about you, Trixie.
It's gonna come true, Trixie.
They think that we're through, but Trixie...

You'll be swell! You'll be great!
Gonna have the whole world on the plate!
Starting here, starting now,
Honey, everything's coming up roses!!!

Rose Marie said...

Hudson, good night and good luck!

I mean really! Can you really expect respectable businesses like TGI Fridays or SuperWalMart to consider moving to Hudson when you publicize all these perverted goings on!

Anonymous said...

Trixie Starr,

How DARE you romanticize prostitution and the abuse of women!

Have you NO SHAME?

Trixie said...

Two guineas from New York and a party space. be careful.

Anonymous said...

If Big Momma was there, we'd be cleaning up fried chicken off the floor at 3 am.

Luckily, the only thing on the floor this party was Trixie's candy.

Anonymous said...

Trixie's candy... yeah her cooch vaccuumed up about 4:00 am I heard.

Trixie said...

Trixie's candy is always sweet and tasty!

Anonymous said...

"Trixie's candy is always sweet and tasty!"

Yeah - Going up or going down?

Helen Lawson said...

The only hit that comes out of a Trixie Starr show is Trixie Starr, and that's ME, baby, remember?