Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oscar Night at Doubles

Sunday, Feb 24th at 7PM, Doubles, the gay bar in Catskill, is playing the Oscars on their big screen.

Snacks and fun for the 80th Annual Academy Awards


aaron said...

whose idea was it to have xanadu playing on Friday?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Trixie said...

WHO'S idea was it to have XANADU playing?


Five and Diamond Vintage said...

WHO's misusing a contraction?
WHO just gave me a copy of "Elements of Style?"

Trixie said...

I was drunk last night.

Agnes said...

Great party! Ya didnt see me inside there because I was outside working the red carpet.

Big Momma said...

Big Momma took Trixie to see the last performance of The Color Purple on Sunday night.
Ms. Trixxie thought she was cultured until we arrived and she was nothing but a grain of salt in the ocean of beautiful pepper. The sista's where turning in out, they had on their hat's, fur's, bling and the men where HOT! It took every once of self control for Trixxie to stay off her knee's.
After the show when we realized Oprah was a not show (guess Obama needed head or something) we headed out on the town. Momma and Trixxie get setting in NYC, belly up to the bar. For a big gurl I found Ms. Trixxie can not handle her liquor! 2 Cosmo's later Ms. thing was slurring and stumbling around like Agnes on Flag Day.
Thanks again for a good time Trixxie, we will have to do it again. Next time 1 Cosmo for you.
Love ya,
Big Momma

Trixie said...

Big Momma can handle a lot more than Trixie can...

More alcohol, more men.

But the Color Purple was fabulous!! Even Oprah-less.

The asses on those dancers! So high, so perky!

Like the lunch counter at Woolworth's!

Just sit right up and order the special!

North Fifth Street said...

Big Momma, have you and Ja'reem been bloggin'?


Big Momma said...

Norht of fifth -
Big Momma will be posting some photos of Ja'reem later this week. I am just affraid that gang of wild bottoms that run the streets here in Hudson will go into over-ride when the get a peak at his meat! Y'all white gurl's will be getting wet spots in the back of you pants and drool on your chin.
Luv Ya
Big Momma

Anonymous said...

and the winner is...

Kennedy Fried Chicken for Best Achievement in Crosscultural Dining!