Friday, February 1, 2008

Presidential Debate 2008

If you didn't watch the Democratic debate last night, you can watch it, kinda, on

Here's the link to the video clips.

The clips are a little annoying to watch, but I think it's the best out there so far.

This morning, we asked opinions on Warren Street, and asked the staff of

Here's what we found on Warren Street:

I'm Republican and I will doublepark Tuesday and vote with the engine idling
I'm Republican and I already voted three times in Florida
I'm Democrat and I want to see a polyester pantsuit in the White House
I'm Democrat and I'll miss getting there Tuesday because I'm still reading up on the candidates platforms
I'm Libertarian and I plan to overturn Hudson's wasteful tax and spend burden on property owners
I'm Libertarian and I live in a mobile home, I don't get taxed

Among the staffers:

My name is Rose Marie and I vote with my pocketbook
My name is Trixie and I vote for the guy with the nice ass.
My name is Big Momma and you KNOW who you'd better be voting for or you ain't getting no sugar tonight
my name is muffy diver and i vote for the wellesley gal. womyn's lacrosse skirts and sticks. omg.
My name is the fact checker and I'll vote for anyone Mistress Trixie wants.
My name is Tippy and I'm VoTinG for SoCks; he HaS As MucH WhiTE HoUse ExPERIence aS HiLLary.
My name is Agnes I like the one with the pretty wife and the adopted kid whats his name again?

And, of course:

I vote for the Kennedy Fried Chicken Tuesday special: Big Bucket o' Bird


Anonymous said...

Eek! I was just watching that CNN polygraph test that analyzes the candidates debate comments and how viewers responded. America is scary.

Every time Obama mentioned "Osama bin Laden" the viewers opinions went down; but when he mentioned his "office Superbowl pool," his opinion polls went way up. Everytime Hillary mentioned "healthy school lunches" the viewers opinions went down, but she she mentioned "Joan Rivers on QVC" her viewer opinion went up off the chart.

Trixie said...



She doesn't have much time left!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that no one in your Warren Street poll talked about 1. how the antiques business in Hudson used to better before the (Republicans)(Democrats)(Libertarians) took over, or 2. how the real estate market in Hudson has flattened out since the (Republicans)(Democrats)(Librarians) took over

Trixie said...

Those "Librarians"!

They are a scary political party!

Much like the Whigs!

Of course you know, that'll be MY party!

Anonymous said...

My dad used to subscribe to "Librarians of Fortune" magazine. He kept it above the gun closet and wouldn't let us kids read it.

Anonymous said...

That's a good use for the Hudson Library building, we could use the interior for a shooting range, and have a drive-through ammunition shop on the first floor.