Friday, February 8, 2008

Trixie's New Man

Dating for a single gay guy in Hudson is disastrous. Don't even get me started....

But, I think I've finally met a man!

I love having him around the house. He's good-looking, sexy, all muscles, and he fixes stuff.

He's my handyman.

It's one of the best relationships I've had in years

I pay him cash, by the hour, and he's still less expensive then many of the guys I've dated.

I tell him to do stuff, then I leave the house, go to the gym, get my hair and nails done, and come back, and he's finished.

I love it.

He's straight....but a little flirty.

Of course I don't give him any "Trixie-loving". I'm not going to have sex with him, because I REALLY need him. So, it's just a tease. I keep the mystery and suspense going.

My car broke down the other day in front of the Muddy Cup. I called him.

"It makes this clang, clang, clang! It's just AWFUL!"

"Don't worry, I'll be right over to look at it," he said on the phone.

"Oh, thank you SO much! I don't know A THING about auto-mobiles....I don't know what I'd do without you! You really save me."

"Aw, shucks, it's nothing..."

Last week, he asked,

"So, do you work in telemarketing here in Hudson?"

"Telemarketing? No. I work on Wall Street. I'm a computer consultant, in finance. I live in Manhattan, this is the weekend getaway."

I think the admiration is mutual.


Anonymous said...

Your handyman? Is he reading this? Tell him the neighbors are suspicious. It looks like he's gelling.

Anonymous said...

Notes on your selection of photos of "boyfriends", Miss Trixie.

Test case one doesn't live in Columbia County. He has all his teeth, he's lifted something other than his babies, and I don't see the mandatory age-20 wedding band.

Test case two could never get a civil service job in Columbia County, State of New York. He's non-white.

Agnes said...

"I could see it in his eyes." The admiration is mutual?

Sit down for a Kentucky minute here Miss Trixie sugarplum while I explain it all for you.

When you want to check on a feller and see is the admiration is mutual it is not his eyes that you look at.

OK? Enough said.

Big Momma said...

Agnes you old whore, stop trying to corrupt this sweet your lady! Diamond street is gone you don't need to recruit young ladies anymore, besides your pimp Benny has been dead for years!

Anonymous said...

Yes Miss Trixie is sweet as punch but that doesnt mean she dont got bills to pay just like us all. And Im not recruiting her Im just giving her tips on tricks like if the call comes from Bliss Towers just hang up the phone.

sniffing for truffles said...

"Dating for a single gay guy in Hudson is disastrous."

You think it's any easier for a couple???

Rose Marie said...

"I live in Manhattan, Hudson is the weekend getaway."

"Yeah?" the hunky handyman thinks to himself, "I thought guys like you went to Fire Island, Key West, and San Francisco..."

Page 179, "One for the Gods" by Gordon Merrick. I do have a library card, you know.

Dolly levi said...

He fixes cars? Oh I get it you got this one from AAA instead of your usual dating service, AA.

Anonymous said...

So Trixie has he bent you over and gone for a test drive yet?

Anonymous said...

ooh baby, Mommas got some rusty pipes that need fixin'