Saturday, February 2, 2008

Warren Street is SO perverted!

Cold? Stormtroppers don't feel cold!

Who knew that the first Saturday of the month, Hudson was just SO out of control!

Here are some of the photographs taken today!

Agnes' sister came to visit.

Columbia County Courthouse?

And you thought that you were a big bottom? This guy just can't get enough dick! Oh, those Hudson whalers! Do you spit or swallow?

This was his last boyfriend.

Trixie and Big Momma offer free prostate exams. Look for our booth in town....

Sorry, folks, that's all I could come up with today.....

Ok, so I don't know where I was, but I was reading something and someone used the word, "perverted".


I haven't heard "perverted" since sixth grade, on Long Island.

"Oh my gawd, that is SO perverted!"

My theory has always been, that the people who are uptight about sex are the people who aren't getting any....

Do you really want to have sex with the person who says, "No, I'm not doing that! That is SO perverted!"?


Just keep it safe and among consenting adults.

Otherwise, life is short, have some fun!

Let's not forget that SEX helped put this town on the map!



Anonymous said...

"Just keep it safe and among consensual adults."

"Consensual adults" works well when discussing a group at a sex party, but perhaps it was your intention to say was "consenting".

I'm surprised Tippy didn't beat me to this... I saw sleeping atop the "On Language" column yesterday...

Trixie said...


Thank you.

It's cyberspace, so there is now no record that the error existed.

North Fifth Street said...

"Life is short. Have some fun!"

I couldn't agree more.