Tuesday, March 25, 2008

All I did was cut and paste, I SWEAR!

Hiya folks,

This email came to me last week....it's too good to not share it. He wants to be in a video, but maybe I'll use him as a gogo boy for the next Trixie's Whorehouse party? (Friday, April 11th).

Seriously, all I did was cut and paste. I can't make this shit up.

(Plus, I would never even THINK about not closing quotation marks.)

Should we take up a collection to have him come to Hudson? I was complaining about the lack of single gay men, just yesterday....


Oh god, I wanna be in a gay movie so bad so if ya'll can send me a email address where i can see if they can use me in a gay movie please reply here with the email address.

I love it when i meet a gay man or men and they hold me down and spank my bare ass and then tell me they are going to fuck this hot thight wet ass of mine.

I would love to cum to ya'lls spanking party but me being here in louisiana and not having much money that couldn't afford the trip, Especially if i was to be able to meet some good hard gay that has a little "White powder for me to do and after i done a few lines or so they take me and hold me down and strip me naked and hold me over a mans lap and spank me bare ass about 20 times or more and put me in the doggy style and fuck and spank me all at same time.

Heres my pic so you can see me if anyone wants to spank and fuck me :)


Five and Diamond Vintage said...

I sometimes have trouble with zero point type size.

Trixie said...

oops. sorry...

Thank God someone's reading.

Anonymous said...

And it's said that "city-folk" are fucked-up! Damn can people's heads get screwy away from civilization!
"White-Powder" ... sounds quaint, is that something that was placed out in "lines" on blue mirrored coffee tables pre-Studio in the '70's ?