Monday, March 3, 2008

The cheapest ATM in Hudson?

I hate Bank of America.

I have no problem paying $7 for a cosmo.

My dog's health insurance is about $40/month. (She has better health care coverage than 50 million Americans.)

But, I REFUSE to pay high ATM fees!!!

In Manhattan, you can't swing a Gucci purse without hitting a Chase ATM, but up here, on this side of the river, the nearest Chase is New Hyde Park. So, I'm fucked, and not in a good way.

Where is the cheapest ATM in Hudson?

I hate Bank of America. They charge $3/transaction.

TrustCo charges $2/transaction, and they are unreliable. Half the time, there's either no money in it or the door doesn't open. I don't understand. I gave up in frustration.

There's the Star Market ATM at 534 Warren Street, which is good to keep in mind, because both Earth Foods and Le Gamin only take cash (I think I still owe one of them some money next time I'm there...) Star Market charges $2 as well.

What's a girl and a debit card to do?

Nice camera phone shots, huh?

This past week, I found the County ATM on North 6th Street. They charge "only" $1.50/transaction. I think that they are the cheapest ATM in Hudson.

Maybe it's cheap because you have to walk a block North of Warren Street.

Readers, what have you found?


Anonymous said...

They have $7 cosmos at Bank of America?

Anonymous said...

Is there a 99 cent ATM at McDonalds?

Anonymous said...

There's an ATM at the Hudson Amtrak Station - how much is that one?

Anonymous said...

Isn't there an ATM at Olana?

In the "Hall of Modern Mechanical Oddities"?

Anonymous said...

What about closing up your Chase account and moving it to one of the local banks so that you will not have to pay anymore fee's?

Agnes said...
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Trixie said...

Closing my Chase account?

Is that a voice of reason on this blog?


Maybe the weekenders will start moving their bank accounts to Hudson.

Maybe the weekenders will vote in Hudson.

Maybe the weekenders will attend the Common Council meetings.

Maybe the weekenders will move to Hudson and no longer be weekenders.

Then what?

Anonymous said...

Then what?

Then maybe the old-time locals will buy guns at WalMart.

Or move to Florida.

Rose Marie said...
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Anonymous said...

You can make a purchase at CVS and get cash back for nothing.

aaron said...

B.O.A. has been running out of cash. never go on a sunday. fucking new yorker and your craving for antiques

Trixie said...

CVS - yes...

But there's a limit. I think it's $30 or $40.

Anonymous said...

More like "fucking New Yorkers and their craving for COCKTAILS"

Anonymous said...

Focus Agnes focus...

We want to know that the cheapest AROUND-THE-WORLD THIS MONTH in Hudson is.

We figured you were the expert on this.

Anonymous said...

Dude, don't close your Chase account, but take your spending bucks and open an account with eTrade.

It's free, super high interest rates, and they REIMBURSE stupid high ATM fees from other banks.

Keep Chase for the city livin' and for its awesome online bill pay -- eTrade's online system sucks.

Is this too serious an answer to post here?

Can you tell I'm straight?

Anonymous said...

Rose Marie and Aaron, you got it right - it's all the newby New Yorkers withdrawing money from Hudson. Before they installed all these ATMS everywhere, Hudson money stayed in Hudson.

Trixie said...

Well, reader, I knew you were straight with the word, "Dude".


Love ya!

Tippy said...
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Agnes said...
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