Friday, March 28, 2008

"A Fur Coat to Yoga Class?"

True story.

I was at the Sadhana yoga class on Warren Street. The last chant that we all say translates:

"May all living beings be happy and free. And may my own words, deeds, and thoughts contribute to that happiness."


It's the end of the class, I'm all happy and peaceful and then, someone from the class gets dressed and puts on this big, Jennifer-Lopez, white fur coat.

There was NO WAY it was fake. No.

The thoughts are going through my head, "Don't say anything. Don't say anything."

(And even though I'm not 100% vegan myself, I eat no meat/chicken/fish and no animal products. Trixie wears no fur, no leather. Her purse is vinyl, her boots, synthetic - thank you, Payless.)

This was not a coat with a little fur trim, or a small fur hat, it was a big, honking, gangsta fur coat.

And, it WAS a yoga class.

I mean, C'MON!

Again, the thoughts were going through my mind.....

"Don't say anything. Don't say anything."

Then, I looked at her and said, politely (with a smile, even.)

"A fur coat to yoga class?".

She didn't like that.

The quote was, "I got this coat from a thrift store. I am RESPECTING animals by not letting it go into a landfill."

I just walked away.....I shouldn't have said anything....

Club Sandwiches, not Seals


Anonymous said...

Where I personally wear a full length sable with a hood (it was formerly owned by Sophia Loren), and have a sable California King bedspread (I was seeing a furrier named Morty when he gave it to me as a "gift") - I do applaud you for saying something, and you did it politely without the paint throwing nonsense.
The fact that you're vinyl clad, well, that's something different entirely.

Trixie said...


You dated Morty, too?

A nice guy (small dick), but always one with the gifts.

We had a brief, but steamy, affair. Let's just say Morty compensated in other areas.

My friends said that a romance between a furrier and an animal rights activist wouldn't last.....

......they were right.