Wednesday, March 26, 2008

HaHa - you're funny.

You might have already heard this one, it happened last week, after our new governor, David Paterson, was sworn in.

One reporter asked him:

"Have you ever patronized a prostitute?"

Patterson answered, "Only the lobbyists."

OK, we like you. You're in.

Did Spitzer even HAVE a sense of humor?


Big Momma said...

The media needs to step off Mr. Paterson's personal life, if he and his wife are OK with their affairs then who the fuck are we to question them? He has been up front and honest, letting the cat out of the bag before it became an issue. I say pat your self on the back for taking the wind out of the sails before it even gets started.

And as always
Big Momma

Diego said...

I don't know but you have to admit Spitzer was kinda hot, in a "call me your little daughter as you finger-bang me" kinda way. I'd rim him.