Thursday, March 20, 2008

I am back from Jamaica

Enough already, what the fuck! Can't Big Momma take a vacation? I know I have missed a few of Trixxie's parties and from the looks of things ya'll should be good and ashamed of our selves… Only white people would be rolling around on the floor in green underwear, licking each others faces and molesting the cute go-go boy! Not to mention the mess that was serving Jell-O shot's (Oh that was Trixie, sorry bitch that yellow weave does noting for ya). Jell-O shot's another "white" only thing; colored folks don't want to disguise the taste of their liquor.
Well enough about that, Big Momma just got back from Jamaica! Let me tell you, it is true the darker the berry the sweeter the juice. Momma had so much sugar running down you chin (watch it) that she felt like a kid in a candy store. Here are some pictures of the men that "rocked" my world!
This little gem, fucked me right in the ass never did that before but thought what the hell!
This one is for the fag's in Hudson...

This one, my look young but let me tell ya he has a yard stick in his pants!

These 3 took Momma around the world and back!

Here are a few pictures of Momma on the beach, isn't it obvious why I had to beat them off with a side of beef.

Don't be haten the player hate the game.
Tucking away the pound I brought back... No I ain't sharing!

Big Momma


Anonymous said...

Stop picking your diry fat ass!

Big Momma said...

Trixxie - Love England this time of year. OUCH this is worse that getting a bikini wax! So you like my new yellow one piece and the braids? Those hot Jamaican men certainly did...Let's do lunch when you return to the state.
Big Momma