Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Photos from St. Pat's GAY-LICK Party

Thank you to Lisa for these photos!

Someone lost their contact lens...and their pants.

The next party is on FRIDAY, APRIL 11th! Don't miss out!


Anonymous said...

Aaron go bra-less!

Anonymous said...

Wow that Jack is a hot boy-girl...We love you Jack.

Anonymous said...

Does the Hudson Police Department know about this depravity?

Anonymous said...

What movie is playing on the screen behind Gio?

Anonymous said...

Tha​​nks​​ to eve​​ryo​​ne tha​​t cam​​e out​​ las​​t nit​​e..​​
It was​ one​ of our​ mos​t suc​ces​sfu​l one​s yet​!!!​!
I'l​l be pos​tin​g fot​os (Di​ni & Dj Lis​a) and​ pos​sib​ly vid​eo (Wa​lly​?)

I als​o app​rec​iat​e eve​ryo​ne'​s pat​ien​ce tow​ard​s the​ end​..h​ope​ful​ly the​ boo​ze com​pen​sat​ed.​.lo​lll​l.

Thx​ to our​ Doo​r Guy​s :
Jus​ty & Vic​tor​

Matt & Todd for being the aaawesome guys they are and being uber helpful!

Dan​cer​s :
Hol​ly Jee​
& Jac​k(y​)

Bar​ten​der​s & Bar​bac​ks


Nex​t mon​th is our​ DIS​CO INT​ERR​UPT​US PAR​TY.​.an​d my 40t​h b-d​ay.​.Ap​ril​ 11t​h!
Ple​ase​ com​e out​ for​ it.​.
It'​s a Dis​co & Fun​k par​ty.​..
Fab​ulo​us Dis​co and​ Fun​k (pr​inc​e ect​) cos​tum​es wil​l get​ you​ red​uce​d adm​iss​ion​!

If you​'d lik​e to be on our​ red​uce​d inv​ite​ lis​t ple​ase​ sen​d you​r nam​e & e-m​ail​ to us at :


The​re wil​l be a lis​t at the​ doo​r for​ eac​h par​ty ..t​he dea​dli​ne is 24 hou​rs.​.no​ las​t min​ute​ add​iti​ons​!

and​ thx​ aga​in!​

Dj Gio!!! & Trixie

Trixie said...

um, I'll translate that....

Thanks to everyone for your help! And thanks for coming out and making it a great night!

Thanks to our dancers:
Homer, Holli, and Jacky. We love you.

Matt and Todd for the jello shots. They were great!

Justin and Victor for the door, and thanks to Victor and Homer for decorating. Crepe paper doesn't hang itself...

Thanks to Jason and the staff at the club: Pat, Jess, Andy, Billy, and Reed! yay!

Thank you to Lisa and Dini for photos!

Next month is Disco Interruptus, April 11th, and it's Gio's birthday.

That's about it.

The rest, I don't even know what he said.

(Half the time, I just zone out when he's talking anyway....)

Love ya,


North Fifth Street said...
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North Fifth Street said...
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Anonymous said...

me too..what needed to be translated?

Trixie said...


Forget it.

Anonymous said...

Why are the same five people in ALL the pictures???

Five and Diamond Vintage said...

It would be great if more people sent their pictures to Trixie. I take pictures of people I know for myself. Trixie and Gio borrow them, because they're sometimes the only documents of the party. At the 2nd party someone was camera shy and asked me not to include their face---so now I just take pictures of people I know won't mind.
Sorry if it limits what you see here.