Monday, March 31, 2008

Trixie's Whorehouse April 11th

DJ Gio!!! and I are doing another party, Friday, April 11 at Jason's Upstairs Bar

Friday, April 11th
Jason's Upstairs Bar
521 Warren Street
The Hud
$10 cover

Now, to get on the $5 admin list, all you have to do is join the newsletter, see the link to the right, it's really easy. Join the list before Thursday, the 10th at 6pm, and you're on the list. You only have to join once. If you don't do it, then don't complain to me about the $10 admission fee.

I don't wanna hear it. Ya snooze, ya looze!

Got it?

Trixie's Whorehouse is the best fucking party in this town. Gay, straight, whatever... That's why you should go.

It's totally worth the five bucks.

(Who says I need a PR person?)
And it's DJ GIO!!! 's birthday that, pretend to be nice to him.

Oh yeah, and if you need something else to do that week, then you should go to the Red Dot on Tuesday, the 8th and see the film "Flirting with Disaster".

Flirting with Disaster is often how I feel at the bar of the Red Dot on a Saturday night.

Don't shit where you eat folks.

That's my advice.


aaron said...

is this $5 tax deductible?

Trixie said...

I'll give you a receipt.

If you can prove to the IRS that it's "work-related", I don't see why not?

Anonymous said...

"You think just because you charge a $5 admission fee (which I imagine you collect between your legs like Diana Ross aka Billie Holiday) you can buy a new Pink Dynel Wig and a Vinyl handbag and turn yourself into a lady. But you can't, because you'll never be anything but a common FRUMP whose father lived over a grocery store and whose mother took in washing."

Trixie said...

For you, it's $10.

aaron said...