Saturday, April 26, 2008

F. collective - Opens May 3rd

My very dear friend, Hedda Hudson, told me about an opening on May 3rd, called, F. collective.

I said, "Hedda, I'm there!"

Naked tattoo-ed man on the invite? Please. Done.

533 Warren Street
May 3rd
6-8 pm

Do you think that the Register-Star will be there to cover it?

(Every now and then, there's a Help Wanted ad in the Register-Star, looking for a Reporter....and I think to myself....Trixie, you can do it! I would do the entire job in drag, of course. Big steno pad. Back seat of the police car, following the cops into a crack den in my thigh-high white vinyl gogo boots, stepping over a dead body, flowing flower-print dress, head band, sunglasses. Hey, the job comes with health benefits. Why not?)

Where was I?

Oh yes, May 3rd....put it on your calendar!

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