Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hillary for President?

Hillary for President?

Which one?

I have no idea what to write you can tell...

I was going to write this blog entry and promote a gay men's naked party in Albany this weekend, but the event was canceled.

I had the Ru Paul quote ready, "You're born naked, then the rest is drag..."

...yadda, yadda, yadda...

I was going to talk about gender roles and society and how gender stereotypes of who you're SUPPOSED to be just limit expression, careers, and opportunities for BOTH men and women.

Now, I'm like, forget it. Who the fuck really cares anyway, Trixie.

If you're a guy and you want to wear a dress, then just do it.

Same thing for gals. Wear whatever you want to wear (well, no fur...). Who really gives a fuck?

Just pay the cover at the door. Thank you.

Now, I got nothing to write about, except Hillary....will she make it? I don't know.

And someone sent me this Albany poll, if you want to take it. Tell them, "What's the Best?" in Albany.

(Like, the "Best Place to Buy a Wedding Dress"? Everyone knows, you have to go to Brooklyn for that.)

True story....

I went on a retreat to Easton Mountain this past weekend.

It's a gay-in-the-mountains-work-on-your-issues kinda place.

We learned that people are responsible for their own happiness. Got that?

Don't come up to me on Warren Street and ask, "Why am I not happy, Trixie?"

I don't know.

If you're miserable, it's your own fucking fault! That's why.

That's what I learned. What a great weekend!!

One night a month, I try to put together a party where people can be happy....the rest of the month, you're on your own.

So, on THAT note, let me promote NEXT MONTH'S party!


The next Trixie's Whorehouse Party is Friday, May 9th. We have the Charmed and Dangerous burlesque show at 9pm, then a Trixie's Whorehouse dance party following.

It's going to be fabulous. I have another outfit.

This is the deal, you could sit at home and be miserable, OR, you can get the fuck out of the house and have a good time once in a while.

Life is a cabaret!

(What's the point of being gay if you can't learn from the wisdom of Broadway musicals?)

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