Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The No-Fee ATM?

Is it true? Have I found an ATM with no fee?
It's in Greenport, not Hudson.
It's a little ATM near the CVS on FairView. I think it's in the Big Lots shopping center.
The Bank of Greene County did not charge me a fee and I do not see a fee on my bank statement.
Well, there ya go.
There's hope.


Anonymous said...

Trixie: Aren't you yourself sort of an ATM? I swear I saw you climbing out of a Pickup Truck one night in a parking lot in Greenport giving a "client" 75 cents back from one of those change dispensers attached to your waist cincher, after he handed you $1.00; while simultaneously hiking down your skirt.

Trixie said...

Cash Deposits ONLY.

No coins.

(certified checks are also acceptable).

In the adult entertainment business, 'ATM' does have a different meaning.

In California, for instance, most production companies do NOT do 'ATM' or "Ass To Mouth" (meaning, right out of his/her ass into his/her mouth). yuck!

And Trixie does NOT do that 'ATM'!!!

"Cleanliness is next to Godliness", that's always been my motto.