Wednesday, April 16, 2008

They're coming to HUDSON!!!

OMG - Homosexual are taking over!!

And it's ABOUT TIME!

First, you need to go to this link, and watch the video that a right-wing group created warning the people of Eureka Springs, Arkansas of a "homosexual infestation".

(thanks to our good friend, S. , for the link.)


Eureka Springs should only be so lucky.

Most gay boys won't travel to Brooklyn or Herkimer county for a good hook up, what makes you think we're going to go to Eureka Springs, ARKANSAS?? Is there a circuit party there?

NO TOWN that has ever been "taken over" by homosexuals has ever seen a loss in property values. Hello.

San Francisco? New York? LA? Provincetown? Fire Island? Fort Lauderdale? No one can afford these places.

It's about money, folks.

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Eureka Springs said...

We appreciate you.

Eureka Springs welcomes everyone with open arms. We believe every town shold strive for that ideal.

Ken Rundel
Eureka Springs Publicist