Thursday, April 10, 2008

This is What You're Doing This little pussy-boy bottom!

Good Morning Gentle Readers,

In case you've been living under a rock, I thought that I'd remind you that tomorrow, Friday, the 11th, is the Trixie's Whorehouse party. And if you haven't signed up on our guestlist before 6 pm, today, then you don't get the Reduced Admission cover charge of $5.

You're SOL, Shit Out of Luck.

Also, it's Gio's birthday tomorrow, so pretend you like him (that's what I do - just don't tell him that, ok?)

Now, in Hudson and environs, there are plenty of pussy-boy bottoms who need to be told what to do. You could all use a good, strong, Italian woman in your lives to make your decisions for you!

That's why I'm here.

Thanks V. for this one!

Anyway, I received an email this morning that there's going to be ANOTHER fabulous party this weekend, on SATURDAY night, at DA BA, hosted by the even more fabulous DJ Tony@Large., you know how much I like DA BA.....

The question of the party is "What's IN that Lemonade?"

Event: The P.L. Party
""What's IN that lemonade?!""
What: Bar Night
Host: DABA & Tony@Large
When: Saturday, April 12 at 10:00pm
Where: DABA Restaurant & Bar

In the spirit of unity and togetherness, blah, blah, blah, I will attend. (Plus, what the fuck else am I doing?)

The DA BA menu offers "Vegetarian Options Available" for my palate, which "translates" into:

"For you vegetarians, we're not going to bother putting together a menu item, we'll just scrounge around in the kitchen and see if there are any leftovers or side dishes we can put together on a plate. How about pasta primavera? Or fish? Do you eat fish?"


Well, as long as the answer to the question, "What's IN that Lemonade?" is not FOIE GRAS -- fatty, diseased, goose liver -- then I'll be there.

.....with a few PETA pamphlets, of course.

Tony is just lucky that he didn't schedule his party on FRIDAY night, the same night as Trixie's Whorehouse.

If he did, I wouldn't have been so fucking nice!



Anonymous said...

Trixxie, you like DA BA about as much as you like a good dose of the CLAP!
You and Aggie keep the free STD clinic at Planned Parenthood open...

Trixie said...

The best thing I like about this blog post is that all weekend, in Hudson, as mothers push their babies in strollers on Warren Street, they'll ask each other,

"What's a 'pussy-boy bottom'?"