Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cinco di Mayo

What a better way to celebrate Latino culture than sitting around a big house on Warren Street and watching Googie Gomez sing!

Thanks to the fabulous B. for pointing out this fabulous clip!

Can you guess the performer?

And a big THANK YOU to our lovely and charming hosts!

(I guess you could also celebrate Cinco di Mayo with a good cock-fighting contest. This card-carrying PETA member only endorses one type, though...)

Also, on Monday nights, run up to Jason's for your fav tunes by DJ's Abel and Lisa and the glamorous bartender, Erika.

Erika looks better in a skirt than I do....BUT ONLY BY A LITTLE BIT!!!


Can I tell you, right now, as I write this blog, and look out my window, the ice cream truck passed by.

It's called, "Mr. Ding-a-Ling".

True. I kid you not.

I'm going to have so much fun with that this summer.....

Some stuff, I don't even have to make up.

1 comment:

Five and Diamond Vintage said...

I could have guessed Rita Moreno with my eyes closed.