Friday, May 16, 2008

Here's to Heterosexuals!

I am now a New York City landlord - "slumlord" as a friend corrected me.

My broker put the deal together and I only met my new tenants when I signed the lease - I had to sign in the landlord blank!

I met the couple, both young professionals, in suits; and yes, they are heterosexuals!

Why not gay boys, Trixie, you ask?

Well, number one, it is illegal to discriminate on the basis on sexual orientation, in any direction, and I was happy to hear that it was a straight couple, because, boys aren't known for paying their bills on time.


So, here's to a young straight couple, who have goals of building a life and credit rating together!

Isn't that part of what this whole marriage thing is about? Now, gay people also are realizing their long term goals? Doing it all as a couple requires a level of commitment.

I have to admit, I've taken all of my financial advice from heterosexuals....not gay boys. Again, hello.

I've worked for the past sixteen years on Wall Street, in finance, doing grunt work and building systems...and I'm used to being the only gay person in the office. Sometimes, I've been the only gay person that my co-workers have ever really known.

...that's scary, I know.

About eight years ago, when my co-workers were buying houses, I said to myself, "Well, they're buying houses, and I make the same money....hmmm."

So, I bought a condo. Why not?

I've always thought, "If straight people can do it, why can't I?"

(Which also brings us back to the marriage issue.)

Last month, when I resigned, I was amazed by the amount of support I got from my finance co-workers. They understood. They understood risk and change, and that risk can be planned and calculated, and really, it's the only way to live life.

Otherwise, like we say on Wall Street, "Low risk, low yield."

Now, when I give my 20-something gay boy friends advice, I tell them:

1. ALWAYS safe sex. Always.
2. Try not to have any addictions.
3. BUY REAL ESTATE! The sooner the better!

Hey, someone's gotta give these young'uns some advice.

They may not be as fortunate as I've been to have hard-working heteros as role models.

Or, I guess I could have listened to Aunt Ida:

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