Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A letter from a "fan"

Trixie has an admirer.

"Admirer" is a euphemism for "freak who has nothing else better to do."

Totally true, here's an email I've received.

I HAD TO EDIT IT!!! It was too much for ME to post!

Just think about how dirty the un-edited version is.

.....yes, just THINK about it!


Read at your own RISK....I warned you.



I am very handsome, in great shape, very strong for my size, no fat! lol. I have a very young looking face and body for my age, and I have a nice sexy firm butt. Am a virgin. I have a high sex drive, great kisser, nice full sexy lips to please you. I have very strong sensual hands that will give you the best foot, legs, c**k and butt massage you ever had!

I can be your perfect sex slave, pleasing all your sexual desires! I have a huge fetish for your feet, legs, c**k and butt covered in black, dark blue or red sheer to the waist pantyhose/tights or body stockings, with no panties on! just the sheer hose on you drives me crazy to please you!

And the highest heels you have, with any pleated or loose fitting short sexy skirt on you!! I love to role play, like you play the bully school girl in this outfit, and push me to the floor onto my back, as you sit on my chest, and kneel onto my arms so I cannot move as you shove and grind your hose into my face, making me kiss and suck the sheer hose!

Want to be your sex slave to please you!!!

D. xxx


I know, I have to be careful what I ask for....I know, I know...


I deleted like a third of it....sheesh! And I thought I had a potty mouth!

He also wrote how he wanted to rip holes in my panties.

Dude, what the fuck? You think nylons are cheap? And I'm not wearing the expensive fish nets for your nastiness.

I hope you plan on going to Walmart ahead of time to replace my Control-Top, Tummy-Control pantyhose.

Should I just fuck him? He's a virgin, how often do you get THAT opportunity?


There are no virgins left in this town, dammit.

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