Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Oh Ward! Have you seen the Beaver?


It was a beautiful day in Hudson yesterday! Really.

First of all, who knew? There's a place in Hudson where you can buy meat, ravioli, and party decorations! I'll keep you guessing, but I went there yesterday while checking out the new site of the proposed adult entertainment zone in Hudson.

Currently, the Common Council is accepting comments from citizens regarding zoning of Hudson's adult entertainment district.

This is kind of a moot issue. It's not like there actually ARE any adult businesses trying to come to Hudson...topless or otherwise...but, you know...just in case anyone gets any ideas about opening up a tittie bar in the Hud, then at least they'll be a zone for it.

(Do you spell 'tittie' with an 'ie' or a 'y' ? Both fail my spellcheck.)

I was fully expecting the new adult zone to be a two foot by two foot square, somewhere, in a field, with just one lone stripper pole.

It's worth it to be an old stripper, the boob job and plastic surgery are all deductible. Which one is Madam? Can you tell?

The zone is in the 2nd Ward, down by the old refrigerator factory, I think. You know, near the contaminated land.

(I'm still trying to find the on-line documents.)

I feel for the people who spoke up from the second ward. Why is the new adult zone ONLY in their ward?

There are other industrial zones in Hudson, but you know, NIM-WARD. "Not In My Ward".

I have no issue with a adult bookstore in my ward....please, there are other issues to worry about North of Warren; drug-dealing, stabbings, bad garden fences....

A good adult store would be the only place to buy non-KY lube in Columbia County!! It's hard to find good lube anywhere between Kingston and Albany.
I think that if an adult store WAS to open in Hudson, it would quickly become another non-profit business and be off the tax roles!

Someone would find strippers with macramé bikinis; handwoven by migrant workers from Honduras....and there would be a documentary about it, and blah, blah, blah.

....and then our taxes would go up. Again.

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HelenOfHudson said...

Just FYI the is a huge mega-porn store in Kingston that has everything you might ever need porn, toys and poppers. They even have a Jeff Stryker action figure. It's like Porn Depot.

Also CVS now carries Wet Platinum and a few other quality lubes. Not the shitty little CVS in Hudson. But the CVS on Fairview has it. So far no poppers tho.