Friday, May 9, 2008


Hi --

I'm sitting here, at the computer, and I started writing this long-ass blog post about Yolanda Vega, the NYS lottery announcer, who will be the next Grand Marshall on Flag Day in Hudson, and I'm somehow able to tie the story it into a porn convention in Vegas, and then I'm thinking...

Shit. I don't have time for this Lotto story. I got a lot of work to do today, there's a party tonight.

A gurl has to prepare.

And you know me, there's SO MUCH preparation that I put into getting into drag.

Go to the show and party tonight. Get there around 8:30. Sign up on the guestlist if you haven't already. The guestlist gets you $5 off the PARTY - not the show....sorry...we're working girls, ya know?

What else?


In the new Speed Racer movie, the Chrisina Ricci character is called, "Trixie".

Good name.


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