Wednesday, May 21, 2008

THAT old house?

When she's not running a Bed and Breakfast in Hudson, or stripping in a burlesque show in Albany, my gal pal, MARLO, is out there saving Historic Hudson homes!

If you can help clean up the place, that'll be GREAT. Maybe later this week?

THANKS! Love you!


Here's the "Missive from Marlo":


Edie Beale..Are You In there??

Looking exhausted and breathing heavy after one "chicka-boom" of a burlesque performance at the Big Bamboo Room, Marlo is helping the dedicated folks at Historic Hudson with their third installment of their lecture series this Saturday the 24th, at The Plumb-Bronson House.

Featuring authors Rob J. Yasinsac and Thomas E. Rinaldi (Hudson Valley Ruins) the lecture is at 4pm with a reception following the lecture INSIDE the Plumb-Bronson House at 5pm. This is a rare opportunity kiddies as the PB House is located within (as Marlo always says) the prison "campus." (God Bless those girls from Brewster) .

Here's the deal..they need a little assistance sprucing up the joint before they open to the public this weekend. You know how it goes, "Clean-up, company's coming!" So, if any of you have time this Thursday or Friday the 22nd and 23rd they could use your help. An hour of your time and a broom is all they need. (a Swifter ain't gonna cut it...I haven't seen so many raccoon calling cards since Grey Gardens).

Speaking of Grey Gardens, make an event of it while you're sweeping! Show up on cleaning day in your best Edie get-up! Wrap your head in a bath towel from Wal-Mart with a giant pin at Fashion Bug and get on over there. It not only helps a great cause (No, not supporting Wal-Mart or Fashion Bug...helping Historic Hudson!) but you get to see the inside of the Plumb-Bronson House, one of the Hudson Valley's true architectural gems. With broom in hand you can re-create your favorite Edie moments; run around screaming for "mother" while battling cobwebs, sweep while doing a patriotic dance down the renowned Federal staircase, sing "People Will Say We're in Love" (with a laadie -dee thrown in when you don't know the words) while dusting those fabulous Davis mantels. Hey, a broom and a dust rag is the best way to get intimate with a building.

Seeing as there is very few boys in this town to get intimate with then the PB House might keep you off ManHunt for the weekend.

If interested in helping, call Marlo at 518.822.9229


Is there WiFi at the house?

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aaron said...

i think i saw that coat at second show half off in february....