Friday, May 2, 2008

A Tree Grows North of Warren

Spinster Trixie Starr in Hudson, year 2048

I know what you're thinking....

You're thinking, "Trixie, where have you been? Where is your sardonic wit and rhythm? There's no depth, there's no meaning. Where's the love?"

Leave me alone, I've been busy! It's NOT because there's a man. No. It couldn't be that...

Trixie moved to Hudson FULL TIME this week.

I's like...

Holy. Fucking. Shit.

It's both wonderful and scary at the same time.

I see myself, forty years from now, on-line at the SUPER MEGA WALMART which will BE Warren Street; waiting with a package of Depends in one hand and some cat food in the other.

Belted? For her pleasure?

The young girls behind me will whisper,

"Look, you see that old lady? That's Trixie Starr."

"NO! That old shriveled up hag is Trixie Starr?"

"Yes. When she came to Hudson, she was in the prime of her life; parties, art openings, gogo boys, $10 cover at the door...."

"Wow. But, then what happened?"

"Well....after a few years in Hudson, it all went downhill. Booze. Pills. Domino's late night deliveries.... The bitterness set in. And before you knew it, she became the old spinster lady with all the cats."

"Wow. That's SO Grey Gardens."

My future, just without the fur coat.

The day I moved in, they, someone, some government grant money or something, planted a tree in front of my house. I think my tax dollars paid for the guys to dig the hole. I don't know, whatever. Now, there's a tree, and it's pretty.

I'm taking it as a sign, a good sign. Although, many Hudson residents are anti-tree. I don't understand. It's not like there are that many hurricanes in upstate New York...

We're not in Miami, if you need me to remind you of that.

Anyway, today, true story, I was out planting some flowers, a neighbor stopped me and said,

"That's really nice."


"Those flowers."

"Oh, thanks. And see, they planted a tree."

He turned around.

"Wow. That's great!" he said, "There's some life back here. That's really wonderful! God bless you."

His face lit up, and he smiled. He was so happy.

So, maybe there is some hope.

We'll see.

Hold onto your seats, Hudson....

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