Saturday, June 21, 2008

Animal Kind Benefit

There is a chant that we say often in yoga class, it translates:

"May all living being be happy and free. And may my own words, deeds, and thoughts contribute to their happiness."

I was honored to be part of the Animal Kind benefit last week. Animal Kind is a wonderful organization in this town, helping animals find homes and offering spay and neutering services.

The benefit raised $17,000 for the organization. Local artists donate their work, the Red Dot donates the space, and for $100/plate, everyone in the room leaves with a piece of art. It's a great benefit!

Click on the link here to learn more about the benefit.

Thanks to Alana and Dini!

There is no reason to buy a dog or cat from a pet store, nor a breeder. There are wonderful animals that need good homes and that are available for adoption.

Animal Kind in town has pets available for adoption, or please tell your friends about

Petfinder lists the local shelters with animals that are available; that's where I got my dog. (A big part of the reason I'm in Hudson is because I wanted to give her a back yard. She's much happier here.)

Animal Kind benefit with my friend and artist, Frank

Plus, for this year, there was a full vegan buffet! YAY!

A vegetarian meal once in a while, won't kill a matter of fact, you might even like it...

I've been vegetarian for over six years....if I can do it, you can.

Thank you every one for making this a wonderful night!


The video is not easy to watch...when you're ready.'s a little preachy....just a little.

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