Monday, June 23, 2008

Backstage at the "Working Girls" benefit.

What do you mean you can't curl a polyester wig?

They asked ME, Trixie Starr, to be part of the "Working Girls" benefit.

Why are you laughing?

Backstage was a lot of fun. I asked where was the "boys" dressing room, well...they didn't have ANY!

I know, you've seen this dress before! Well, I had to get a second use out of it!
Thanks for the make up, TONY!

OK - here we go, true story.

So, I'm going to go out on the runway as Bo Peep, right?

They told me, "Trixie, when you go out on the stage, pretend you're looking for your sheep, and ask if anyone's seen them."

Fine, I thought, simple enough, let me interact with the audience. It'll be fun.

I went out on the runway and asked a woman on my right if she's seen any sheep. She said "No."

Then, silly me, I turned to the woman on my left, and asked her, "Does this dress make me look fat?"

And she responded....

"A little in the butt."


I know, be careful what you ask for, Trixie....

OMG. Ladies, Gentlemen, HAVEN'T YOU LEARNED?

When someone asks, does this dress make me look fat, the IMMEDIATE RESPONSE must be


You can't even THINK, you just have to say it.

"Does this dress make me look fat?"


Similarly when a MAN asks you, "Is it big enough?", the response MUST be an immediate



I had a really good time doing the show. I was very happy to be part of it. Everyone was amazing, and we raised money for a good cause.

It was Hudson at its best!

Thanks, folks!

Taking a drag before she had to go on.

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