Monday, June 2, 2008

If the sash fits...

Hey -

It looks like a guy won Hudson High School's PROM QUEEN this year!

BUT, they didn't give him the prize?

Um, WHAT!?! He got the most votes!

Thanks to MG for the link!

From the Times-Union article:

"Anticipation over Abatecola's shenanigans built during Saturday night's festivities. "Augie! Augie! Augie!" the crowd chanted as the principal announced the prom king (hoop star Lyle Hughes) and then prom queen ... Jackie Williams, who plays on the girls' basketball team.

Dozens walked out in protest with their putative prom queen -- Abatecola.

As they piled into their limo at the Birch Hill banquet facility in Schodack, Abatecola, his date Amy Bonville and their friends were told by a school aide that he received the most votes, but that parent advisers in charge of the prom pulled the plug on the gag, the students said."

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Chip said... times have changed. Looks like this kid is the most popular in the school.

This link worked better for me: