Sunday, June 22, 2008

"I'm Gonna Hire a Wino to Decorate Our Home"

New sign for lower Warren?

Did everyone have a good time last night?

Believe it or not, there is a country music song called,

"I'm Gonna Hire a Wino to Decorate Our Home"

(There's a country music song for every problem in life, isn't there.)

(watch it just to see his hairstyle)

If you need a wino to decorate your home.....well, HUDSON IS THE PLACE!

She's coming to Hudson, looking for a home decorator.

But, seriously, the wine bar opening last night was a great success! Great crowd, great atmosphere.

Good luck, guys!

Some of the lyrics, in case you missed them:

She said: "I'm gonna' hire a wino to decorate our home,
"So you'll feel more at ease here, and you won't have to roam.
"We'll take out the dining room table, and put a bar along that wall.
"And a neon sign, to point the way, to our bathroom down the hall."

She said: "You'll get friendly service, and for added atmosphere.
"I'll slip on something sexy, and I'll cut it clear to here.
"Then you can slap my bottom, every time you tell a joke.
"Just as long as you keep tipping, well, I'll laugh until you're broke."

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