Thursday, June 26, 2008

What is he really looking for?

Searching for a TOP

Hi -

It's been a while, but here's another great craigslist post from someone in the area.

-- Trixie

Looking for the ONE TOP MAN who loves to GIVE IT as much as I love to TAKE IT LIKE A MAN !! I am a born bottom man..all nipples and ass and a great KISSER for the right flesh and blood real HARDTOP MAN ( nothing Versatile ever please!!).

( JEWISH WOULD BE VERY HOT...SO WOULD BLACK AND INTERRACIAL MEN BE HOT..LOOKING FOR A TOP MAN WHO IS UNLIKE ME...I like brains with my groins, I like carrers with my man's man type man, man of ACTION,...sound like a fantasy>>

Just great rowdy randy virile total TOPPING for this born on his back with his legs up high and wide in the air bottom man who loves it like few men alive love it...and I love it intense and passionate and sweaty and hot and loud and fun and raucus and looking for a true blue FUCK-BUD..a man who never get's enough and want's it on demand and wants it GREAT because he delivers IT GREAT!! ( please dont smoke and dont joke and someone single and free to fuck lots would be HOTTEST!)


At least he knows what he wants.

Here's my question, this one line:

"I like brains with my groins, I like carrers with my muscles"

He's looking for a top with a career. That's nice. But, don't you think he's asking for a little too much in this ad?

I mean, c'mon, guy....

(And you can kinda tell that he's a "bossy bottom", right? High maintenance.)

Oh...and don't smoke or joke, either.

No jokes, huh?

So, you wouldn't want to get fucked while I wear the Joanne Worley wig?

I'm guessing that THIS is a 'NO', huh?

Oh, well, I'll just have to keep looking!

You asked for "hot and loud and fun and raucus and randy"

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