Friday, July 25, 2008


What do you expect?

Do you know what it's like, every day, to sit down at this computer, and try to come up with witty bon mots, pop-cultural references, and little life-affirming small-town ancedotes as a single post-urban gay man in upstate New York?

You think its easy, don't you?

Well, fuck you.

Maybe instead of saying, "What is Trixie going to do for ME today, you SHOULD be saying, what can I do for Trixie?"

What can I do for Trixie?

Whine, whine, whine, complain, complain, complain....

I'm tired of listening to it.

Shut the TV, get off your ass, and do something a little different today, something that pushes you a little bit more - out of your comfort zone.

Then talk to me.

And, oh yeah, come to the party next Satuday, it's Gio's last time until November (I need a break from that one....sigh....), and it's Madonna's 50th birthday party, so, we're going to play a lot of Madonna.

And don't fucking complain about the Swimsuit theme, because I'm already hearing, "Oh, I'm so self-conscious about my body. I can't possibly wear that..."

Get over it.

Have you BEEN to Walmart in Greenport? Do you SEE what people look like and what they wear?


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