Sunday, July 20, 2008

I WON $4 This Morning!

I won $4....for those unfamiliar, in the top ticket, I won the amount on the left, multiplied by two, since I got the double dollar signs!

For my readers with enough fortitude and statistical curiosity, I plan on keeping a record of my winnings and losses from the Lucky 7 scratch-off tickets.

You can read the post below, but the rules are:

1) Winnings are re-invested
2) No more than two tickets are bought per day.

Day One, I bought two dollars worth of tickets, I won $2. I broke even.

Day Two, I traded in (re-invested) the two winning tickets from Day One, and got two more tickets. On one ticket, I won $4. Now, I'm ahead $2.

Isn't this fascinating?

Anyway, the more interesting part of today, if you can believe it, were the Wacky Raft Races from Athens to Catskill.

A friend met me at my place at 8am and we kayaked out into the water to see the hubbub!


Now, it's a simple idea, and there were SO MANY people in the rafts, and people watching, and it was a great way for the residents to use the most valuable resource, the river!

And how much did it cost the town? $1,000 Prize money? Some extra police service?

We're already considering a Trixie raft next year.

OH, the possibilities!

I took a ton of photos. You'll have to wait until tomorrow, I'm exhausted!

Love ya,



Five and Diamond Vintage said...

1) Winnings are re-invested
2) No more than two tickets are bought per day.

What if you win $100? Wouldn't these two rules contradict each other?

ah- just take me to Ca Mea with the extra $98....

Trixie said...


I only spend $2/day and it all comes from the same pot, winnings/losses, whatever.

You know I'm doing all this for you, right? and the maybe three other "Numbers Gals" in this town.

Trixie's Philosophy is:

"Your credits have to be greater than your all aspects of life."



Five and Diamond Vintage said...

So what does a pot of losses look like? A coffee can filled with ripped-up scratch-off tickets that were losers?

Can you buy more tickets with those losers?

No. You will have to take more money out of your wallet --- making your debits outweigh your credits.

How about this: Put $2 a day into a coffee can every day. After 50 days you have $100, you take me to dinner. Simple.

Trixie said...

Fine. I'll take you out to dinner, but you'd be taking away my 20 seconds of daily scratch-off wonderment.

Please, if everyone took their money and put it into a coffee can, the entire US economy would grind to a halt!

( can...grind...get it?)

Now, you can argue my use of scratch-off lottery tickets (I used to spend more than $2 on coffee in Manhattan daily), but thank GOD for people who take a chance or a little risk, every day!

If everyone put there money into a fixed rate CD, then there would be no stock market.

....and less wealthy patrons to buy antiques and interior design services....

faondoe said...

Hi Trix!

Some trivia to add to your endless stream of knowledge ;)

The Wacky Raft Race was organized by Greene County Tourism, sponsored by quite a few local businesses and individuals as well as entry fees, and the proceeds went to the United Way of Columbia & Greene ($7,000.00!!!) and will go right back into the two county area! It's pretty cool how so many businesses are bridging the gap, combining resources and strengthening the community.

By the way...I love your blog...your myspace and parties at Jason's!