Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Manhattan Zucchini

Do you miss Manhattan, Trixie?

People ask me, constantly, "How do you like living here full time?", and I don' t know what to say.

Some are genuinely interested, but I think that there might be some waiting for me to admit to a HORRENDOUS mistake. How could a city gal ever survive?

Dahling, I love you, but....

The answer is, "It's fine."

What do I miss? Starbucks....sigh....

(My vote is lease out the Washington Hose building to Starbucks so that I can get a strong cup of coffee in the morning! And get a business in Hudson that can help pay some of these fucking taxes!)

Today, I'm searching through recipes, baking zucchini bread (I have one in the oven now, I thought I'd write a blog post while I'm waiting -- tra la la).

What the fuck do you do with all this zucchini that they give you from the farm coop?

Who can eat this much zucchini?

This is WAY too much zucchini.

It may look inviting, and you've been there, but too much zucchini is just too much maintenance.

You find yourself saying,

"Yes, your zucchini is SO BIG. Oh, I just don't know what to do with all that zucchini....Yes, your zucchini is a direct representation of your manliness."

I don't know why they don't appreciate my re-assurance.

This is much a more practical zucchini.

You do run the risk, that practical zucchinis come with things like Camaros and anabolics. Oh my.

Yeah, I know how big your zucchini is...

What's a gal to do?

Go to the swimsuit party on Saturday. And see who's there...

Did I mention that it's swimsuits?

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Anonymous said...

Trixie you have used the breakfast at Tiffany's picture already... what the fuck are you doing.