Wednesday, July 9, 2008

More Trixie's Whorehouse photos!

Ok - These two are the whole purpose of this party. They were the first ones out on the dance floor, and they had a great time, dancing together all night. It was beautiful. Someone said to me, "You think, that after a certain age, you just say, 'fuck it, I'm going to have a good time?'. "
The sooner you get to that age, whenever that is, the better!

Heteros....are so raunchy! :)

Kira (right), winner of the Costume Contest!

This one drives me crazy.
He's lucky I love him, otherwise, I would have fucking killed him by now.
Can you tell by my expression?

We heart Erika!

Ya know, $50 in crepe paper and balloons, and three people taking three hours to put it up, there ya go...



Mary Hartman said...

I HEART that Erika so much that I'm even starting to question my sexuality for the first time in years!

ITALODUDE!!! said...

gggreat pix boo!
thx for the love..
i love ya too..
and am gonna bite u on yer ass for that comment!