Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Second Ward....again?

Tuesday, July 15th.
This issue will be discussed!

Did you read the Register-Star this morning?

The Charles Williams School on Robinson and Third is being considered for transitional housing for homeless people and those looking to get back on their feet after whatever; drug addiction, potential sex offenders, obese people who wear horizontal stripes.

Ya know, people with issues who need to transition into "normal" society.

We understand that there are people who need help....where do you start?
But WHY is it always in the second ward?

The issue is not the need for transitional housing, or another building on the tax rolls, or the need for those bathing suits with the little skirts - they hide so much! We should just GIVE them to people!

The issue is, "Why in the second ward?".

A couple of months ago, it was, "Let's put the adult entertainment zone only in the second ward."

That changed. Another ward (the south bay industrial zone) is now being considered as well, thanks to the Alderpersons of the second ward and those that helped reform the zoning regulation.

But, here we are again, a couple of months later, and transitional housing is being considered for the second ward.

C'mon. Enough.

The second ward is the only place in the entire county?

Pick up the Register-Star today and read the article, this way you learn what's happening and all the players.


Am I encouraging people to read the Register-Star?

Ya know what? I'm around most of today. Just stop by, and I'll let you read my copy.



Anonymous said...

Some people just like being butt fucked a lot I guess.

Trixie said...

Very true.

And I know them.