Friday, July 18, 2008

Waiting for the Register-Star...

Waiting for the Register-Star's editorial on transitional housing...

Are we going to see an editorial in the Register-Star addressing the transitional housing proposal?

Let's the editorial was about what?

Oh yes, the "Excitement Resonating Over the Grey Fox Festival".

When there's a Redd Foxx festival, call me.

Maybe the Register-Star has run out of opinions.

If that's the case, then here's my email address,

I have A TON of opinions, I can give you some.

How could there be a major issue in town and the paper not have an opinion about it? They had no problem shooting down the Haunted House idea for Washington Hose. They ran with THAT story pretty quickly.

But, a transitional housing proposal?


hmmm.....makes you wonder, huh?


1. If you're interested, then there's a Common Council meeting on Tuesday at 7:30pm regarding the resolution to authorize the sale of Washington Hose at 77 North Seventh Street, Hudson.

2. The WACKY RAFT RACES in Catskill is happening on Sunday!
Click on the link. It's Sunday morning, so don't get too drunk Saturday night....

3. Tomorrow, the Capital Disctrict Humane Association is doing a dog adoption clinic in Clifton Park, click here. (Thanks C. for the link!)

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