Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Wedding Gift.....

What was the Register-Star's editorial about today?

A wedding gift.

It was a very nice story, actually, about a couple that made a donation to a charitable cause.

There was a letter in the Register-Star about the transitional housing project.

But, no editorial in the Register-Star about transitional least not yet.


Well, here's my theory....

The Register-Star is not going to come out IN FAVOR of transitional housing, because it really doesn't give enough back to the community.

I don't think that they'll come out AGAINST the transitional housing, because it would be coming out against the few who supported it.

It's just too controversial an issue for them. They'll stay away from it.

The Register-Star would much rather lambaste the idea for a Haunted House in Washington Hose. That's much easier for them.

That's my guess....we'll see.

We'll give them a couple of more days to come up with an opinion on transitional housing...


Anonymous said...

Wow - I can't believe you have already become such a NIMWard. There are a lot of reasons to oppose transitional housing in Hudson, but not in my ward is not really one of them.

Trixie said...


One, it isn't my Ward.

Two, $150,000 is NOT an acceptable amount of money to offset the cost to the community.

Three, the other wards weren't even considered.

Four, I've spent enough years of my life helping out drug addicts, alcoholics, and guys who need a place to sleep.

I'm done.

Trixie said...

PS -

And as for the sex offenders...

Well, if they're CUTE, then we'll talk...