Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What do we get for $150,000?

What does Hudson get for $150,000?

Did you read the Register-Star today?

I'll sum it up for you.

Basically, the city would receive three payments of $50,000 for three years for allowing the Charles Williams school to become transitional housing for the homeless, drug-abusers, and sex offenders, etc.

(Hey, as long as they pay the $10 cover, they're welcome at my party. I don't hate. Side issue, ladies, if you're not on the guestlist, then you're not on the guestlist....ok? I don't care who the fuck you think you are. And if you don't have any money, then don't talk to me. I already do volunteer work, thank you.)

The Common Council was outraged and hopefully, it's not going to go through.

Let's also remember the positive side...

The school would be back on the tax rolls....and they'll be the tax revenue we get from the scratch-off lottery tickets, cigarettes, and bizarro-colored soda.

Maybe more Kennedy Fried Chicken will be sold!

I'm sure that people in transitional housing are looking to buy antiques as well.

Think of all the revenue!

These folks are in no way related to Hudson....although, they do look like they belong.

Hopefully, the $150,000 will offset the loss in home values in the area.


With an increase of $150,000 into the pot, do my taxes go down?


Keep dreamin', Trix.

Anyway, a few weeks ago, after the Arts and Entertainment meeting, there was an editorial in the Register-Star against the idea of creating a Haunted House for Halloween in the Washington Hose building.

Now, it was just an idea, and the Register-Star is totally entitled to come out against it. (No one tells me what I can write.)

I thought it was a minor issue. If you don't want to have a Haunted House, then don't have a Haunted House. Big fucking deal. It was just an idea. I get new ideas every day.

Anyone should feel that they can go to the Common Council with a new idea.

Let's keep watching the Register-Star's editorial page for the next few days, and let's see if they come out against the transitional housing.

Which, is a much bigger issue than a fucking Haunted House, right?

I might be pleasantly surprised. There might be a big editorial against the transitional housing. Or, maybe they're in favor of it. Or, maybe they'll say nothing.

Think glass half-full, Trixie...


Anonymous said...

As far as the Homeless (transitional) housing in the old school / former health dept. I don't agree that this would have a negative impact on the real estate values in the surrounding neighborhood. Robinson Street? North 3rd? State & N. 3rd?? A "negative impact". Girfriend, if the values of these neighborhoods were to go down any further they would be Negative Values.

Trixie said... DIDN'T!!!