Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dear Ms. Trixie Starr,

Dear Ms. Trixie Starr,

I was amazed to read in your humble blog that you were having a Tupperware Party. Thank goodness!

I have not been able to find any good, durable plastics in this town of mahogany furniture, marble table tops, and granite kitchen counters.

I am so happy that I can count on you, Trixie Starr, to bring good plastic back to Hudson!

I can see why a woman of your age, without a man to support her, would turn to Tupperware for income. I mean, you're not as young and pretty as you once were, and the competition on Warren Street at night is tough.

Thank God for America! The land that gives you, Ms. Trixie Starr, an old - let's just say - "lady-of-the-evening", opportunity and a stable income.

Trixie, my real question is this, without a man in your life, how do you do it?

Since I've been married to my high school sweetheart, I have no concept of the amount of loneliness and destitution you must endure on a daily basis.

Why, you must be Tupperware "kiwi" green with envy when you see these stable, supportive, nurturing, and healthy relationships in Hudson walking down the street, holding hands.

Is there a Tupperware product that can help keep your pillow dry from the tears as you cry yourself to sleep every night?

I only wish you the best, Trixie.

I'll be at your Tupperware party, and I'll have my credit card number ready.

Your dearest, supportive friend,


Dearest Karina,

Thank you SO much for your warm wishes....and concern.

It'd be wonderful to see you at my Tupperware party, and yes, please bring your credit card.

I know your husband won't be able to make it, since he has to work late every night at the office. Those Albany government workers and politicians, they're known for the hours they put in...

Karina, I found this clip from Judge Judy which reminded me of the good times we had.

I hope to see you at pm, the wine bar, 119 Warren Street on Monday night, August 18th, at 7pm.

And remember, bring your credit card.

Oh wait, nevermind Karina....I have your husband's card number on file.

Love ya,



Trixie said...

In the clip, I don't think that's really Tupperware.

It looks like a cheap plastic food storage container.

Hudson said...

Judge Judy has a country house around here. Great Barrington, I think.