Friday, August 15, 2008

Hudson's new Tupperware "Lady"

Hudson's new Tupperware "Lady"

I am just tickled pink to be your new Tupperware Lady!! I plan on dedicating my life to food storage.

The first 20 people who attend the Tupperware party on Monday night, Aug 18th, 7pm, at pm, the Wine Bar, 119 Warren will receive this fabulous citrus peeler!

Well, make that 19 people. This one is mine.

You might say, Trixie, what is a "citrus peeler"?

Well, it's an ingenious piece of organic polymer compounds carefully designed and molded to attend to your orange or lemon peeling needs.

You may ask, "but Trixie, there aren't that many oranges in upstate New York."

True. I use my citrus peeler for protection.

Get too close, and I'll cut you.

Hope to see you Monday night!

Lots of love,


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