Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lickity Split

A very ABEL artist drew this on the sidewalk last week, before the rain washed it away...

As I put in last night's Tupperware sales and corral the photos, I received word that LICK, the most fabulous ice cream parlor in Hudson, has made the papers, or website, in Sacramento.

Also, get in those Tupperware orders, girls! Trixie will hand-deliver them to you! And you can save on the shipping costs!

(And my back will hurt from delivering all this plastic in my heels).

All in the name of Food Storage.

Speaking of Licking......

Tonight, at 6:45, for those who are interested, at City Hall, there's the public hearing regarding the new adult entertainment zone in Hudson.

Just go. Common Council meetings are fun. The hearing is only 15 minutes long....short and sweet.

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