Friday, August 29, 2008

Trixie Endorses Jerry Herman for Hudson City Judge

I was at pm, the wine bar, and a friend walked up to me and asked,

"Are you going to the Taste of Mexico for Jerry Herman next week?"
I said, "What?'s not JERRY Herman, it's BRIAN Herman!"


If Jerry Herman was running for Hudson City judge, now, THERE'S a candidate I'd endorse!!

This town need more Broadway showtunes --- really.

If Jerry was running for judge, would Carol Channing throw benefits at the Red Dot and Mexican Radio?

Would Ethel Merman rally the troops at the old Fireman's home.

If you were caught loitering or didn't pay your parking tickets, would you be "sentenced" to community service at the next Stageworks musical?


For when my little pink wiggles
Some young maiden gets the giggles
Then I make my knuckles active
"My" he says "She's so attractive."
Then I move my index digit
And they both begin to fidget
Then I clench my palm
The preacher reads a psalm
When I put my hand in there!

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Trixie said...

A little levity, ya know, folks....