Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tupperware After-Party

Thanks to Bitz for capturing this moment. Precious.

Tupperware and these heels take a lot out of me.
My back still hurts. No comments...
Where does one go for a Tupperware after-party in Hudson?

Who's spinning?

Is there a VIP lounge?

Can you get on the guestlist?

LICK is where it's at. Just remember, the next Trixie's Whorehouse is:

We have a great show at 9pm with BING BAMBOO ROOM BURLESQUE from Albany. Admission is $15, and you get to party afterwards.
Otherwise, after 10, it's $10 cover.
If you want the reduced admission of $5 after 10pm, you must have a reduced admission card, and those you can get at LICK before the 6th.
Otherwise, don't complain that you have to pay full price.
After spending enough time in these heels, you can tell I'm in no mood.

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